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                        "We love great design, style and quality.  
                                                 We will never compromise on any of those three things"

We create stunning items from beautiful items.  Lets take a 90 year old gnarly Olive tree, these are things of great beauty, and then we take a hand made Ironstone 1m diameter low slung bowl, topped off with 80mm Scottish Cobbles and then we marry them together to make one stunning item for a deck or patio.  This item is very striking and has a serious wow factor but the other thing it is, is very heavy and it has taken us many years to learn how to plant items such as this and how to be able to deliver large items like this to our clients.

We also create many beautiful items that we can send via courier direct to your door.  Great design and quality doesn't have to cost the earth.  No matter what your budget we can offer you something stunning for your front door, decking or patio area.  Take a look HERE .  We have a superb selection of door planters, Bay tree planters buxus and many other stunning creations.


"If you need a little design help, we do free home consultations,we will visit your home
and advise you on how to the get exactly the look and feel you have dreamed of"

We buy only the best Duch Buxus, Belgium Bay, Olive trees from Italy and other specimen plants and trees from some of the best growers in Europe.

We source high end, unique and stylised planters from only quality manufacturers ranging from Goicoechea planters that are hand made in France to hand made Ironstone and sand blasted old stone planters to the many contemporary styles of planters all available in all sizes from small to very very large.  Most of our planters are available to be custom sprayed into any colour you can dream of to ensure that our service can be bespoke if required.




Whatever you have dreamed of we are sure that we can create it just for you.


Our garden furniture range is vast and available in many styles and finishes.  From sleek contemporary rattan and fully waterproof fabric corner and sofa sets to the best quality Teak wood furniture that is available is so many styles from benches to dining sets, mixed material Teak and metal sets and some of the most stunning swing seats and luxury Globo's.


We have searched Europe for the best quality and most unusual furniture.

Our service is quite unique and our "White Glove" service is how we like to deliver, it's a bit old fashioned but that's how I like things to be.

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