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              "Creating relationships across Europe"

We have taken years to forge relationships with growers and nurseries in the UK and across Europe, taking time to visit them to ensure a constant supply of quality and to build a true relationship that ensures that our trees are of the highest quality.  With names like Vannuceipiante, Carlesi Vivai, Impulse Plants, specialist growers such as Lorica & Toscato and our network of transport we can supply any type of tree, shrub or plant in any number and virtually any size.   

When creating beautiful designs for either a full deck or patio or simply for door planters we need to have great choice so that we are never limited to what can be created, this ensures that we never let our customer down.  We hold a large selection of specimen trees at our facility in Pontefract and also a much larger selection at our storage premises not too far away.  This facility also houses our vast selection of planters where it is much easier to manage the many larger trees, plants and pots we use day to day. Without our superb suppliers and our vast range of plants, trees, pots and furniture we are not able to create that perfect outdoor space, just for you.                                 We will often have over 100 Bay trees on stock of varying formats and size, 100's of Buxus topiary in a choice of designs, large hedging, 100's of Olive trees ranging from 7yrs old to over 300 years old.  Our choice is vast and our ability to supply in vast numbers in a short space of time gives Bentleys the ability to be creative on many levels and scales.

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