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We love Lechuza planters as they offer unrivaled style, quality and price.  They have a planter to fit any situation and the best thing is

The LECHUZA sub-irrigation-system

We love this feature as it ensures that any plant or tree planted in their system always has the right amount of water.  It really is a self watering system.

We have created a range of Lechuza planters and added some of our favourite indoor plants.  These can easily be used all over the house and even on your office desk to add a real feel of personality and they will also increase the air purity as well as look fantastic!

Areca Palm Tree Indoor Complete Planted In Lechuza Self Watering Planter


Dracena Marginata (Dragon Tree) Indoor Plant Complete in Lechuza Cube16 Self watering Planter


Lechuza Self Watering Planter Puro 20


Lechuza Self Watering Planter Cube Colour 16


Lechuza Self Watering Planter Cube Colour 14


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